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Dave Wright
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I did try re-downloading the zip file and installing the theme and again at your suggestion, all times with the same error page, as above.
I uploaded and extracted alora using the ‘file manager’ .. all files and directories uploaded ok. when trying to activate the theme I get the same error page.
After doing a little reading on how to obtain the error log I think I’ve found itbut I’m not sure. I’ve posted what I assume is the relevant log below, but I can’t make head nortail of it, I hope you can.

2014-03-24 17:43:52 W3SVC28 P3NWVPWEB075 GET /wordpress/wp-admin/themes.php action=activate&stylesheet=alora&_wpnonce=47d4ef532e 80 – HTTP/1.1 Mozilla/5.0+(Windows+NT+6.1;+WOW64;+rv:27.0)+Gecko/20100101+Firefox/27.0 activetab=7;+wordpress_107876246114bf137d5062b2868773a1=wheelsa2b%7C1395820145%7Cc9d894ec9368dd6a1dae3abdc7470c8a;+wp-settings-time-1=1395601170;+wp-settings-1=align%3Dcenter%26urlbutton%3Dnone%26imgsize%3Dfull%26galcols%3D3%26mfold%3Do%26widgets_access%3Don%26hidetb%3D1;+wordpress_test_cookie=WP+Cookie+check;+wordpress_logged_in_107876246114bf137d5062b2868773a1=wheelsa2b%7C1395820145%7C15c254340b37676781bd633fb90bb87a 500 0 0 1625 882 718