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Suppose Alora didn’t support Chinese words excerpt, and i have downloaded several plugins which works well for many Chinese sites, such as below:

The developer says if the plugin doesn’t work, look in your theme directory, edit the index.php file (content.php file in twenty ten/eleven theme) by changing:

<?php the_content(); ?>

if (is_single() or is_page()) {
} else {

In Alora, i didn’t find <?php the_content(); ?> under /public_html/wp-content/themes/alora/index.php, however i found this sentence in page.php and portfolio-three-column.php that i am using for my blog.

After i replace the code as developer suggests in in page.php and portfolio-three-column.php, thing won’t change.

Do you know how to disable Alora’s excerpt tag setting and use wordpress default one or work as plugin expected?

Much appreciated!