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steven wilson
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update: I changed the name of evolve in my themes directory via FTP (there were two evolves, one named evolve-plus) and refreshed the themes page in wordpress. the premium version was then activated, but two big problems are happening now:

– ALL of my plugins have been deactivated and I was asked to download two required plugins for the theme. I did that and activated the new plugins but all of my previous plugins are still deactivated. very, very frustrating.

– I’m seeing a message at the top of the page saying ‘Hi! Would you like to activate your version of Revolution Slider to receive automatic updates & get premium support? This is optional and not needed if the slider came bundled with a theme.’ but there’s no option to activate it! there’s just a (never show this message again) on the right side. please advise. it did not in fact come ‘bundled’ with the theme but required that I download it, so I don’t know what this message means and how to activate it.

I changed the name in FTP back to evolve in the hopes that my plugins would re-activate but they did not. also, the ‘lite’ version of the theme is now the active theme. the bottom line here is that the lite and premium versions cannot be installed at the same time unless I change the name of the lite version via FTP, at which point all of my plugins become deactivated.

not happy.