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Lloyd Summers
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Quote from Roman on December 27, 2013, 10:54
@lloyd all the sliders which are included are standalone plugins and they have their respective docs so it has no value to rewrite them here. unfortunately, there will be always some users which want more than standard users and so there will be always problems. you should realize that we offer a solid theme for 2/3 price of a similar theme ($65) on other websites, which include a lot of features and functionality, and if it’s missing something what you need(needed), then sorry, but it’s coded as it is.

I’m sure they do have their own respective documents buried somewhere. However, I did not install the plugins, I installed your theme which chose to have a dependency on those plugins, which assumes a level of support by connection. Additionally, the price of a different companies theme should not dictate the amount of support you feel like providing for your own companies theme – that comes across as an excuse. If a different theme provides better support and better customizations and documentation then maybe I should be using their themes.

It is clearly missing many customizations that were shown in the demo version. This was a marketing decision by Theme4Press, not by me, and I feel it is misleading. Telling me to suck it up and accept that the theme is inferior to what was promised, is not a good way to set expectations.

With that said, I’m not intending to complain – I made the short-sighted decision to purchase the theme with the information I was provided. Its up to you to decide if you feel there is value in a customer that is moving on to a different theme because of a lack of parity with what was presented in the demo versus the actual theme. If you disagree that it is misleading, and choose not to follow up on my experience, that’s up to you to decide – theme4press is not my brand to maintain.