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Lloyd Summers
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I just wanted to share – that this should be clearly written on the demo page. In my case, I added it site wide but there are many features such as this that are (in practice) severely limited. And should be properly communicated with people prior to purchase.

In fairness, you have to expect some sites to use a slider site wide, which shows the demo is very misleading. Especially when you consider some of the advertised backgrounds and features are not available without additional installations + purchases. it has not been the experience we were advertised.

With that said, future people who bought this theme expecting these features, you can manually add the slider to the header file.

Example for adding it just to the homepage via header modification: (not supported, but needed by most people who buy the theme, and not explained at time of purchase):

<?php putRevSlider(“slider1″,”homepage”) ?>

Where “slider 1” is the slider, and “homepage” is a sequential page list