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Jodi Lea
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No problem. I used the suggestion from the guy who commented on my other post about it (Jacob Miller, I believe) and commented out the call for the other versions that are missing and that worked for a quick fix. Now I have actually had a request from my client to make the icons colored all the time – maybe just a slight opacity change on hover. I’ve been messing with the css for a couple of hours and have tried everything I can think of, yet nothing is working 🙁
I tried commenting out the sections that call the transparency changes and changing the opacity settings themselves. I can accomplish any opacity change I try, but nothing gets them to be colored on load… What am I missing??

The gallery issue is that when you click the images on the page they won’t open in the lightbox like they did before the “upgrade” to 3.9. Site is if you want to take a peek. I’m still playing with the icons, so it’s back and forth on that part for right now.

Also need to change my page titles and menu list items to bold. I can do this in the custom css, but it would be a nice option to include in future versions 🙂

Thanks again for all your help.