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    Nathan Iyer

    Dear Evolve Devs and Community,

    hi there!

    I just bought this theme, I was using the lite version.

    I am using WP 4.0.1

    The first thing I did was actually overwrite my old install by copying the download files into my existing evolve theme.

    After this finished I got a white screen when going to my site and when going to wp-admin

    So I deleted the whole theme, which helped me recover access to wp-admin.

    Then I did what I thought was the right thing, and I actually uploaded the download to my themes folder of my server where all the other themes are located,



    Then I saw it in the list of themese I could choose, back in wp-admin, so I clicked “activate”


    I immediately got a white screen again, and now I can’t use my site again, even wp-admin just shows a white screen!

    Evolve Premium has completely broken my ability to work on my site!


    What is the correct way to install Evolve Premium so it doesnt break my site?


    I’ve had to delete the premium version from my themes folder¬†for a second time, just to have access to my wp-admin, and so I am not getting what I paid for!


    Please let me know what to do!





    PS: I see these instructions here




    I tried the latter version.

    I am trying uploading from zip file right now and will let you know


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  • Nathan Iyer
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    Uploading the zip version worked!

    I have no idea uploading directly to wp-content/themes produced the odd white screen behavior.

    Hopefully others will find this helpful!


    Again the solution was

    Appearance->Themees->Upload theme (button at top of screen)

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