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    behrooz kousari

    I upgraded from evolve free theme to alora. I try to import content, I got error 500. Now I have bunch of files and none of them work. they got error links on them. I deleted all the files and now every blank page has missing resource link on it. is there way to reset the whole site and delete the alora theme and start with. I am new at this, I can afford to delete the whole site and start fresh again.
    Can I dump the Alora and switch to Evolve+. Everything looked good with free evolve until I upgraded.

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  • Denzel Chia
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    500 error refers to internal server error.
    This is a generic message.
    It does not tell you what went wrong.
    Next time you encounter such error, you should ask your web hosting company to check for you what’s causing this error.

    I can afford to delete the whole site and start fresh again

    If you mean you can delete your content in database, then I suggest you to drop your WordPress database and re-install WordPress again. Start everything new.

    Thank you

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