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    Sara Fisk

    Hi, I need bbpress breadcrumbs to show up in that they include the subscribe-to-forum link. When I test with other themes, it shows up fine. How do I get it to show up with Evolve Plus? Thanks!!

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  • Denzel Chia
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    Sorry, Evolve plus does not have this option.
    You will have to hire a developer to create this feature for you.


    Sara Fisk
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    Is Evolve Plus designed to suppress the breadcrumbs then? How does this work?

    Thanks, this is important to resolve. It doesn’t seem like a new feature to me, just something to prevent Evolve Plus from doing (supressing). But, maybe I don’t understand the situation….any clarity would be appreciated.

    If I need one, can you recommend a developer with evolve plus experience to help me with it?

    Thanks, Sara

    Sara Fisk
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    Looking at this again and it is part of the normal bbpress options to see the breadcrumbs and therefore be able to select the “subscribe to forum” link. Other themes let me see it, but Evolve Plus (way too heavily invested in to change themes) is hiding it. There must be a way to make it visible, am sure you don’t want the theme to hinder bbpress functionality.

    Please help, thanks!

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    I have been hoping an answer would show up to your question since you posted it.

    If you haven’t already figured it out I got them working today. I used this link, works perfect!


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