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    Hi folks,

    I want to create a wpml-config.xml file in order to translate the bootstrap slider

    I need the something like the following (name options for parallax), but for the bootstrap slider to create the yranslation strings

    <key name=”evolve-theme”>
    <key name=”evl_slide1_title” />
    <key name=”evl_slide1_desc” />
    <key name=”evl_slide1_button” />

    or tell me in what file I have to seek them

    Thanks in advance folks


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  • Denzel Chia
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    There is no wpml-config.xml in our theme. That is not a standard WordPress theme file.
    You can contact us at our service page for this customization https://theme4press.com/services/


    Georgios Papageorgopoulos
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    Hi Denzel,

    Finally, I found what I wanted in your Library file and I created a full working wpml-config.xml file for polylang plugin. Now Parallax and Bootstrap sliders are fully translatable.

    The wpml-config.xml file for both of the sliders is the following:

    *The following text you have to paste in the wpml-config.xml file

    <key name=”evolve-theme”>
    <key name=”evl_slide1_title” />
    <key name=”evl_slide1_desc” />
    <key name=”evl_slide1_button” />
    <key name=”evl_slide2_title” />
    <key name=”evl_slide2_desc” />
    <key name=”evl_slide2_button” />
    <key name=”evl_slide3_title” />
    <key name=”evl_slide3_desc” />
    <key name=”evl_slide3_button” />
    <key name=”evl_slide4_title” />
    <key name=”evl_slide4_desc” />
    <key name=”evl_slide4_button” />
    <key name=”evl_slide5_title” />
    <key name=”evl_slide5_desc” />
    <key name=”evl_slide5_button” />
    <key name=”evl_bootstrap_slide1_title” />
    <key name=”evl_bootstrap_slide1_desc” />
    <key name=”evl_bootstrap_slide1_button” />
    <key name=”evl_bootstrap_slide2_title” />
    <key name=”evl_bootstrap_slide2_desc” />
    <key name=”evl_bootstrap_slide2_button” />
    <key name=”evl_bootstrap_slide3_title” />
    <key name=”evl_bootstrap_slide3_desc” />
    <key name=”evl_bootstrap_slide3_button” />
    <key name=”evl_bootstrap_slide4_title” />
    <key name=”evl_bootstrap_slide4_desc” />
    <key name=”evl_bootstrap_slide4_button” />
    <key name=”evl_bootstrap_slide5_title” />
    <key name=”evl_bootstrap_slide5_desc” />
    <key name=”evl_bootstrap_slide5_button” />

    For the folks they want to create this file to their site do as follows:

    1. Go to the root of the site
    2. Find the directory wp-content
    3. Create in wp-content directory the sub-directory polylang- (if there isn’t any)
    4. Inside the sub-directory polylang create the following wpml-config.xml file
    5. Paste in wpml-config.xml file the above text*
    6. That’s it. Then you go to the polylang strings place and you see the new strings of the parallax slider and bootstrap slider waiting to be translated! It works!!!

    I hope I helped



    Georgios Papageorgopoulos
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    Hi folks again,

    For my previous post about the translation Parallax and Bootstrap sliders, to do as I mentioned is needed a little experience in editing the web root directory.

    If you are not familiar with this and in order not to mesh your theme, ask help from the guys of the theme and their service in https://theme4press.com/services/

    Happy translating


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