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    Heidi Rivas

    Hi Team!
    (Again :P)
    I have a couple questions for you for some changes in header and menu area.
    (Site: http://blog.focim.edu.mx/)
    1.- How I can change the heigth of header? It is posible to define it more Slim? I change the padding in Theme Options but it doesnt change.
    2.- How I can change color of sub-menu background area? In this moment all ítems ( menu principal and sub items background) are blue.
    3.- How I can center all menu items in the center of page?
    Thanks again!


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  • Denzel Chia
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    Yes, you are correct. I just did a clean test installation on my localhost.
    The header padding settings are not working.

    Please use the followimg custom css for header.

    To change the menu colors.
    Please try Theme options -> styling -> menu

    To center your menu. Please use the following.

    You will need to adjust the 600px as you menu gets larger.

    Thank you.

    Heidi Rivas
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    Thank you Denzel!
    All the codes works perfectly!

    About second question, I found the solution that you give me, but it change all menu color. In this case I would like to have a two color menu. For example: Main Words in the menu blue and submenu gray.
    Maybe I need to do some changes in .nav-holder objet but just color background for submenu ítems (In my menu is BLOG> Autores del Blog)

    Denzel Chia
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    Use the following for you menu colors.


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