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    Kat Johnston

    Ok, one last support question… and another one I feel stupid for not figuring out.

    I want to change the default text for the ‘Have a promotional code?’ sections on the cart and check-out pages to make it refer to a gift code and eliminate the word ‘coupon’ at all. I’ve made a child theme, and within that, and created woocommerce/checkout/form-coupon.php with the modified code. When I refresh the site though, no change has been made.

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  • Denzel Chia
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    The sentence “Have A Promotional Code?” and it’s input field with the word “Coupon code” is found in Alora/framework/woo-config.php at line 815

    You will have to modified that code and keep a copy of your modification for future reference.


    Kat Johnston
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    Thanks Denzel – much appreciated! All updated now.

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