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    the website I’m working on needs quite a lot of tweaking, so I was using the custom CSS feature in Theme Options. I was planning to move this CSS to a child theme, but when I wanted to copy it from the alora editor, I realized that most of it is gone. I was saving it all the time I changed anything, and on the website all was fine, but somehow a lot of my code disappeared. Is there any way to retrieve this code? Is it stored somewhere in alora files? Also, is there some limit on how much code you can put in this editor before it starts to cut it off? I will have to rebuild most of it anyway, but I would like to know how to avoid this problem in the future.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Sorry for late reply. Custom CSS code is stored as a Theme Option value in WordPress database options table.
    If you did not accidentally deleted it, then maybe your server timed out while saving the Theme Option values.

    You can use firefox firebug extension to see if your saving process is complete.
    You can also check your error logs to see if you encounter any memory limit or any type of server related error.

    Sorry, I do not have a specify answer to this issue.

    I suggest for your future development, you could save a copy of your custom css code in a text file using your desktop text editor, doing this will ensure that you have a safe backup.


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