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    Nicola Booth
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    how do I make an e-mail address link so that when you click on it, it bring up an e-mail ready to send?

    I’ve got the following code, which I think is supposed to say E-mail me at enquiries@nicolaboothconsultancy.co.uk (where the e-mail address is a link which when clicked opens up a blank e-mail to send)

    E-mail me at <a href=”enquiries@nicolaboothconsultancy.co.uk?Subject=Website%20Contact%20Form” target=”_top”>enquiries@nicolaboothconsultancy.co.uk</a>

    Is this code wrong?

    Many thanks

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  • Roman
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    the right code should be as follow:

    E-mail me at <a href=”mailto:enquiries@nicolaboothconsultancy.co.uk?Subject=Website%20Contact%20Form” target=”_top”>enquiries@nicolaboothconsultancy.co.uk</a>
    Nicola Booth
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    Aah, brilliant!

    Thanks so much for your help

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