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    Daniel Gefen

    I can’t get the elastic slider to display at all.
    Even in the imported Demo it is not showing up on the “Elastic Slider” page.
    This is my url (the homepage):

    In the Page Options also, I can select Elastic Slider as the Slider Tyep, but then on the option to choose which slides for elastic slider, there are no options at all.
    Also on the Elastic Slider Make New Slide page, I don’t appear to have many options – just to set the title and caption, I presume there are many more options like font size and color (as I saw on the Theme4Press Slider page).
    Please help!

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  • Denzel Chia
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    First of all, you need to create a group.

    Then create slides. For each slide, there is only title, caption and featured image.
    You need to tag the slide to a group

    In your Add page, scroll down to select slider type and select elastic slider.
    The group will show up in select elastic slider setting.

    Options are found in WordPress admin -> Appearance -> Theme Options -> Elastic Slider

    Thank you

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