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    Hi folks,

    Very nice indeed the new version Evolve 2.0.0, but I have a very important issue, for at least.

    In previous version 1.9.0 I have created the translation strings for parallax and bootstrap sliders and were working just fine. Now in the new version, although I see the translation strings in polylang plugin, however I can not translate them because nothing happens when I wright the translation into the string’s boxes.

    I thing that you have changed something in the new version. So, I went back in version 1.9.0 and everything returned to normal.

    Because I will not stay in 1.9.0 version-very good- for ever, please send the appropriate changes I have to make in my wpml-config.xml or anything needed to translate my sliders also in new version. It is VERY IMPORTANT for me.

    If for any reason you want to send me this information in private message, do it. No problem

    The new version 2.0.0 is very close to identical. Keep it this way.

    Thanks in advance


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  • Imran
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    Hi Georgios,

    Thanks for writing in!

    There is no such “wpml-config.xml” file we provide to translate the sliders. Though, if you need to do so, I’d refer you to our services page, where you can order a quote to get it done.



    Georgios Papageorgopoulos
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    Hi again,

    Maybe I didn’t make myself clear. I don’t want from you to create any wpml-config file. I have created this and works fine in evolve 1.9.0
    I just want to tell me if you have changed any important value in new version.

    f.e. I use this : <key name=”evl_slide1_title” for parallax and <key name=”evl_bootstrap_slide1_title” for bootstrap. That key options work in previous version and not in the new one.

    This is not customization of my site. The translation must be applied in the entire site and not only in a part. Imagine all site in Russian and the sliders in English.

    The new version should have had the sliders translatable. I don’t thing it’s big deal.

    Thanks in advance


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