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    Jeff Cherry

    I had built my site and another using the basic evolve. I decided to buy the evolve plus just for the heck of it. I could not find anywhere that tell what the differences between the two of them are… does this exist?
    Anyway I tried to switch the theme from evolve to the plus version and it deactivated almost all of my plugins, rest most of my theme options back to defaults and insisted on me installing and activating several plugins that I am not sure I care to use anyway.

    Is this normal? I have never had a theme do all of that before. Is there a way to get it to keep my plugins active and theme options set without having to redo them all?

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    there should be no problem when switching to the premium version as it uses the same settings options. the plugins was deactivated because the theme comes with a plugin check feature to be sure to have installed the recommended plugins. when you visit the plugins page, there is a tab Recently Active which shows you recently deactivated plugins which you can turn on back.

    Jeff Cherry
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    I figured it should but for some reason when I switch it turns off almost all plugins, which is not a major deal but then reverts to default and all of my changes I made under appearance, theme options and customize are gone. Luckily when I switch back most are saved. I have tried it several times.

    Is there anywhere that lists out the differences between the free and paid version? If there are not features I need in the paid version I may just stick with the free version.

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