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    Manjolo Kurti

    First, let me congratulate on you on a great theme. I am loving it so far.

    When I was customizing on “Front page displays” section, it gives me 2 choices:

      Your latest posts
      A static page

    then i can select a page or category posts to show.

    That is great, however I’d like to show some featured posts that i handpick on top on that content that will show on a slider. So the final arrangement would be:

    Featured posts (on a slider)
    My latest posts

    Is there any shortcode for that? If this feature is not available, can show me the steps on how to create it?

    Thank you very much

    Note: I only have header on homepage, I disabled bootstrap as i don’t want it in that spot.
    Also, bootstrap slider is static so i cannot use that slider to show my Featured posts.

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  • Manjolo Kurti
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    Ok, I found the Posts slider and set it up to the homepage but it is showing above Front Page Content Boxes but I want the slider below Front Page Content Boxes

    and please allow the “Edit” button on this forum so i can edit my original post instead of creating a new one.

    Denzel Chia
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    Sorry, that would require customization.

    Please contact us for this service via our services page. https://theme4press.com/theme-customization-service/

    Sorry, it’s not possible for user to have an edit button on this forum.


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