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    Mike R.
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    on one page I have insertet two lists on a page

    first a list with icons form the theme alora

      and as a second list a ordered list standart with in wordpress without any additional settings form alora

      The ugly thing is now that the line spacing is different with this two lists. The first is the line spacing 1.0 and the second list has the line spacing 1.5

      How can I make shure that all the content has the same line spacing with the alora theme?
      the example can bee seen on this website: http://fmb-kg.org/was-machen-wir/

      thanks for help

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    • Asad Ullah
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      Hi Mike,

      I have seen the link you shared: http://fmb-kg.org/was-machen-wir/ the line spacing are the same, can you please correct me in which section you are talking about or can you take the screenshot of it like this: http://prntscr.com/626188

      In the above screenshot all are the same!

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