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    Bob Prentice

    I realise that this question is undoubtedly byond the scope of this help forum but I was hoping if there is a quick/simple answer that someone would be kind enough to give it.

    I am trying to use the header and footer for Alora in on an external page. I followed the instructions given by WP and am using the code given below. Everything is fine EXCEPT there is no navigation. It looks like the j=holders are there but nothing in them.

    This is what I am seeing in the nav bit of the source

    I’ve been struggling with this for a week so if anyone could say anthing to point me in the correct direction I would be most grateful.

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  • Denzel Chia
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    I assume that you are trying to create a page template.
    You can start by duplicating blank.php
    This is the simplest template in Alora Theme.

    Make a copy of blank.php and rename it to something like custom_blank.php and change the template name from Blank Page to Custom Blank and you will have a new page template. The name Custom Blank will appear in the page template selection in your WordPress admin -> Add Page.

    Experiment with it, and if you encounter any PHP fatal error, which results in a blank page, you can use FTP to delete custom_blank.php and start over again.

    I am sorry, this is all the information I can provide.
    If you need further assistance, you can hire a developer by putting up a posting on http://jobs.wordpress.net/


    Bob Prentice
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    Sorry I didn’t really make myself clear. As I said in the first post I am trying to do this on an external page, not a wordpress page. It’s actually a sub folder of the domain when WordPress is the root of the domain.

    The code given by WordPress (as above) works fine with all other themes I have tried it with but for some reason when its used with the Alora theme the Navigation wont show, the rest of the Header and Footer show fine.

    What I am asking is what could be the difference between the way Alora works and other themes work to cause this problem.

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