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    Jeff Hoffman
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    Currently have version 1.9 when I check my theme. Apparently there is no one click update for this theme?

    Can I use these steps below to update evolve plus them with a child theme?

    Unzip downloaded update on computer.
    Use FTP to download a copy of existing theme for a backup on my computer.
    Then delete (or copy over?) Evolve Plus Theme and install latest version.

    Will there be some activation of some kind?

    Will this version 2.5.1 have one click update?

    I am newbie, got this thrown at me just now.


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  • Denzel Chia
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    Yes, 2.5.1 will have on click update.
    You will need to setup via Appearance -> Theme updates

    Use the following steps to update your Evolve Plus Theme, NOT child theme.
    Your child theme should contain only style.css and functions.php and no other files…
    We do not encourage using of Child Theme, it does not work properly with Evolve Plus Theme.

    1) Unzip downloaded update on computer.
    2) Use FTP to download a copy of the existing Evolve plus theme from your server for a backup on your computer.
    3) Delete the Evolve Plus Theme on your server.
    4) Upload the newly unzipped copy of Evolve plus from your PC to your server.

    Some time overwrite will not work properly, leaving some old files and causing weird actions..

    Thank you.

    Jeff Hoffman
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    Thanks for the tip, I will try it.

    I thought a child theme was almost a standard when designing for this very reason of updating themes?

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