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    Emily McGill

    Hi, I just installed alora and wanted to import demo to have the live preview settings. After clicking “Import Demo”, I dutifully stayed on the page to wait for the import to finish, but after ~ 2 mins the page hung and gave me a “Request timed out” message. I tried refreshing for a few minutes, to no avail.

    I now cannot load the website, nor login via /wp-admin, nor can I access it through my host (Flywheel)

    How can I interrupt the import demo process to release my site back to me? This is a really urgent issue because I’m on a tight deadline with my client to wrap this up in the next 24 hours.

    Help greatly appreciated. Site in question: swrcdemo.flywheelsites.com. Error code 504.

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  • Emily McGill
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    Nevermind! Ten mins after import started and I can get in.

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