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    I installed Alora and then installed the additional woocommerce base theme, I then imported default content and during that process the first time there was an error on the page. I then looked at my site and saw that nothing had changed. I went back in and imported content again and it appears have finished with no errors but is missing the slider and what not from the top. See here: http://ourworldenterprises.com/

    How do I fix that slider?

    Why did it do this?

    How can I hide the default content in a menu series so I can find them and scroll back through them to use as samples for my build, while also implementing my new menus from home page forward on my active content?

    Thank you,


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    Your server timed out before the import demo content procedure has completed.

    I suggest you setup a localhost on your computer as a demo site and import demo content in your localhost site. You can then use this site as a reference.

    Please refer to this documentation for sliders. https://theme4press.com/docs/setting-up-the-sliders/

    For menus, you can create a new menu in WordPress admin -> Appearance -> Menus
    And assign it to Main Menu.
    You can keep the demo menu as a reference.



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