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    I’m designing a one page website (http://proximusconsulting.com/). In the menu I have 7 items, the first 6 are sections in the main page, “Contact” is the only additional page that I have.

    Then for setting up the menu, I go to Appearance > Menus and use the custom links option to add the section link to my menu items (for example> URL: #AboutUs Navigation Label: About Us).

    The problem is that when I navigate away from the home page, to “Contact” page and try to go back to “About Us” the link is displayed as: http://proximusconsulting.com/Contact/#AboutUs when the correct path is: http://proximusconsulting.com/#AboutUs

    Now, I’ve also tried to put the whole path while setting up the menu in Appearance > Menus (for example> URL: http://proximusconsulting.com/#AboutUs Navigation Label: About Us) but this causes that the item in the menu appears as active, although the navigation works when I navigate away from the homepage to “Contact” page, it’s really confusing having all the first 6 items as active.

    Could you please tell me how to fix this?
    Best regards

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    well, the one page template is supposed to work without any inner pages, you could try a small hack yet, if you like it, insert all the one page stuff right in the contact page, disable the map on the contact page, remove the contact page from custom menu and add something like this on the contact page:

    it might work as one page with contact page on it 😉

    Marco Cobarrubias
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    OK, thanks a lot for your help!

    Best regards

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