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    Nicem SpA

    I’ve a “PROD” site and two “TEST” sites for testing changes. I needed to add some text to the contact page. The contact page before the changing was like this: http://test2.nicem.it/contatti/ (PROD SITE)
    You see the map and the custom text (italian) inside the form fields: I modified contact.php.
    After adding the custom text, if I click preview it works perfectly, but once I clicked the update button, this is the result: http://www.pensioneparadiso.com/nicem/contatti/
    Map disappeared and the text inside form fields back to default english.
    This is very odd because if I even replace again the contact.php, it still show english text.
    I tried to create another blank page, assigne the “contact” model to the page and save it: the page comes without the map and default english text in the form fields.
    Notice that Google Map Scripts are enabled and that in the Contact section of evolve options the address field is not empty.
    Thank you for your support.

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  • Denzel Chia
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    Sorry, we do not provide support for custom coding.

    One tip, you can duplicate the contact.php into another template and modified it.
    This way you will have one original and another modified template for another language.

    Please hire a developer to assist you in your customization.


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