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    I posted a couple months ago to get help with the spacing of my menu drop downs, there was a small space between the header menu and the drop downs – so when you moved your mouse from the main item toward the dropdown, the dropdown would dissapear once the mouse cursor entered the space.

    I received a custom CSS code to fix the problem, and it worked, but i just now noticed that the custom CSS has thrown off the spacings of my sub-catagory menu items. For instance, if on my website http://newlifeyahuasca.com you select the ‘Ceremonies’ the sub-item ‘Ayahuasca Music’ displays far down and to the right of ceremonies, making it almost impossible to click on.

    Help please. 🙂

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    the provided website is not working 🙁

    Jeanae White
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    http://newlifeayahuasca.com … my appologies

    Denzel Chia
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    Please use the following in Theme Options -> Custom CSS


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