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    Sue Young

    Please check out the site on a cell phone – http://www.shimmyshack.com. There are a lot of problems with this, to mention a few:

    1. The header is taking up way to much space. Wondering how to specify a different header for mobile version that would be a more balanced look (less pink to the right in the full size site)

    2. The button on the parallax slider overlaps the text of the slider and looks horrible.

    3. There is way too much space between the front page content boxes (above “We promise we can deliver…” and after “XOXO, Shimmy” and also after the photo gallery above the “In the News” image.

    4. The footer does not scale at all.

    5. On the shop page the iFrame only looks correct in horizontal orientation.

    6. and another major problem is that the Google map is still trying to display. I had this problem with the full site. I left the address blank and still had this message, so I put none in the address and it seemed to fix the problem (in the full version) but apparently not in the mobile version.

    Please help get this “responsive” part of the site corrected.


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  • Denzel Chia
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    Please note your mobile view is in a mess because of the heavy customization made on your website.

    We can only provide custom css to help you customize one element at a time.
    If you need a long list of customization help, Please contact our developers for assistance.

    If not, let’s wait for your desktop view customization to complete before proceeding to make adjustments to your mobile view. It will be a never ending story if you try to adjust both views at the same time.

    Thank you.

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