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    1 Short codes for vimeo or your tube?
    2 Portfolio parameters lower down the individual Portfolio page has options for embed code and video URL?
    3 Right hand side of each Portfolio page has a format choice list which has video as one option.
    Set Featured Image – yes/no.

    Been trying all three to figure out a best way to have the video from a specific Portfolio page show up in a Page set as Portfolio 3 column w/text – to show all the portfolio items on the Page using categories. Often after I make an individual Portfolio page, give it a name, either use the embedd video or short-code option and then say View Page I get a 404 Page Not Found. Reason?

    Can you please advise the proper way to make a video part of a Portolio page? Would like the 3 column with text layout if possible – when clicking the Featured image a pop up window plays the video over the entire page with all the other videos – no navigating away to a seperate video page.

    Thanks for the help!

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  • Roman
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    have you update your permalinks?

    Dennis Strömberg
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    I googled that and it said simply hit save – even if you haven’t changed any permalink structure. Is that so? The default is Day & Name.
    What about the video question?

    Dennis Strömberg
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    May I ask that you please comment on my question regarding video in the Portfolio?
    Thank you.

    Denzel Chia
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    Add video url to Youtube / Vimeo input.

    And you will get popup video.


    David Gillies
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    I have tried adding Vimeo and YouTube URLs plus Vimeo iframe embed code, no success, all I get is a 404 page. I’ve just started using the Theme this week and am struggling with the Portfolio options.

    Denzel Chia
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    Hi David.

    Please open a new thread for your question.
    Do not reply in another user’s thread.

    Please import demo content and work from it.
    Login to your WordPress admin
    Go to Theme Options -> General -> Import demo content

    Thank you.

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