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    James Whittle


    I am using the evolve+ theme (not a child) and using the Bootstrap slider option on the front page of this charity site: http://project-rome.org/

    I just noticed that the sliders have disappeared. When I went into the admin menu, I found that they were not just switched off, but they had been overwritten and replaced by the sample slides in the admin menu. I had to turn them all off manually and now I have lost the original content. Any ideas? The theme has not been updated since March, and it was all working fine last week.

    Second question: if I want to use “Theme4Press Slider” slides, per the main menu item, on the static front pagehow can I do this? I can’t see any way to use that method rather than Boostrap, Parallax or Posts.

    Thanks for your help,


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  • Daniel Jones
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    Hi James,

    Thanks for contacting us and sorry for the issue you’re experiencing.

    It’s very weird that the sliders were deleted without anyone’s intervention. There might be a third party plugin that would have caused this. Kindly check out your site logs and trace that action to established the cause of deletion and let me know.

    To set up Theme4Press Slider in evolve, kindly check out this article for instructions: https://theme4press.com/docs/setting-up-the-sliders/.

    I hope that helps.

    Please let me know if there’s any other problem, I’m happy to help.

    James Whittle
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    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for responding.

    I have no idea what happened but I find it weird that a plugin could cause your theme to reset. Anyway seems like there’s nothing I can do.

    Re. the second instruction you gave, I have already read that help page, but it is only for subsequent pages on the site. It does not tell me how to add the Theme4Press slider on the evolve+ static front page, which behaves differently from the other pages on the site. The evolve+ static front page adds a) a slider and b) content boxes above the page content. But the menu does not give me the option to use the Theme4Press slider in this way – only Boostrap, Parallax or Posts.

    Thanks for advising me in how to add the correct slider to the top of my static homepage.

    Denzel Chia
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    You should have theme4press plugin installed and created a slide.

    You can edit your front page.
    Scroll down and you will find Slider Options.

    Thank you.

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