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    John Strasser

    Hi Folks,

    I currently have my site using the free version of the evolve theme. I like it and so I upgraded to both alora & evolve.

    I’m going to assume that the installation instructions in the knowledge base are missing a few steps and need to include:

    1. Backup Site
    2. Deactivate free version of theme and select some other theme
    3. Rename free theme directory
    4. Install premium version according to Knowledge Base
    5. Activate Newly Installed Theme
    6. Make changes for nifty new options

    Am I correct?

    Please note that inherent in this process is the belief that the current (free) theme settings will be preserved and used by the new theme. Or should I use the “theme backup” (great idea to whomever thought of that btw) you provided to make a separate backup and then load in those settings after the install?

    PS – I’ve already checked the server (php) requirements and they look good, with plenty of room if I need to increase settings (Godaddy Linux Shared).

    Thanks for the help in advance

    John S.

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  • Roman
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    yes, do a backup of your current theme, there is no need to rename the theme folder or activating another theme. just upload the premium version and activate it, it will work fine with your previous options.

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