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    James Kaliwae

    I found out about Alora from using evolve. Stupidly, I assumed since it was the more functional theme that it would have all the same options as evolve. One thing I liked about evolve was that, instead of being forced to use an image as the main header logo, you could choose from the litany of Google fonts to easily make an appealing header.

    Somehow the premium version of Alora doesn’t have this feature, which is present in the free version of evolve. Am I just missing the option to do this? Or does Alora seriously force the user to user an image as the header?

    Thanks! 🙂

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  • Denzel Chia
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    You can use this site http://cooltext.com/ to create a text logo.
    Or use site http://hail2u.github.io/google-webfonts-preview.html to enter a text and screenshot it to use as a logo.


    James Kaliwae
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    Hey thanks for the speedy reply Denzel 🙂

    While I thank you for referring me to cooltext because I didn’t know about it and it does solve my problem, and I know this is a relatively small issue, but my point is that being able to do it directly through the theme options as is possible in evolve is just a convenient feature, and I don’t think it was too overly presumptuous of me to assume the same functionality would be present in the more expensive premium theme you guys offer, especially since you essentially market it as a more functional and feature-rich version of evolve (at least that’s the impression I came away with upon going through the “Compare Themes page).

    But yeah I’m rambling. All I’m saying is I think it’d be prudent to add this function to Alora at some future update.

    Thanks again!

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