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    Carrie Norwood

    I have one page on my site that looks completely different than the rest (it’s lacking the two sidebars and has a single ad instead).

    Here is the page : http://distanceparent.org/store/
    Here is the normal look : http://distanceparent.org/resource-kit/

    If I change the slug, it starts using the normal template … so I’m assuming that I set up a slug-specific template for this one page along the line somewhere a la this : https://developer.wordpress.org/themes/template-files-section/page-template-files/page-templates/

    However, when I changed to the Evolve Plus theme, I would assume templates from old themes are wiped out but it still appears with it’s own template. Changing the slug of the page isn’t an option.

    1) Where could I find the template for that page so that I can adjust it or wipe it out?
    2) Is there a way to create and use different page templates in this theme (I don’t think a portfolio is what I’m looking for) without creating an actual template file manually?


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  • Carrie Norwood
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    I actually found that I have what appears to be a third page template for some BuddyPress pages I created today : http://distanceparent.org/community/members. That page didn’t exist prior to today. In the page settings, it’s set to the default template with nothing selected below the post in the way of sidebars. It’s settings are identical to this page, which I also created today, which displays 2 sidebars : http://distanceparent.org/testing/

    Why are they different from one another – and/or where are the page templates being managed for this theme?

    Denzel Chia
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    This page. http://distanceparent.org/store/
    The content is pulled from an iframe that you have inserted.

    The contents are from this page. http://astore.amazon.com/distanceparentorg-20?wmode=transparent

    It’s not possible for a theme to style this external content.

    These has nothing to do with page template.
    But for your information, there is page.php, contact.php, blog-page.php

    Thank you

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