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    Oscar HENAO

    1.- Please check http://AlspectorForJudge.com and help me get rid of the display of NavigationLabel value in each of the options under “Register & Vote” of the top menu. “Disable Mega Menu Column Title” is checked for each menu option
    2.- How can I open IN A NEW TAB (target=”_blank”) a CUSTOM link that I have in a Mega Menu? I want to open in new tabs each option of the MegaMenu “Register & Vote”
    3.- Where do I find documentation on the capabilities and available options for each attribute in Mega Menu in Alora?

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  • Priyank
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    You get rid of display NavigationLabel value on top of the menu then create new menu and select Top Navigation and in it check “Disable Mega Menu Column Title”.

    Theme4Press Mega Menu not provide target=”_blank” value.

    You see Mega Menu all Option then go to Theme Option-> Menu

    Thank You

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