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    Brian Davenport

    I’m having an issue on a page of my website (forums.northstarrunning.com). This page loads very slowly. I’ve contacted the provider of the embedded forum and they profiled the load with Chrome. Their response is that the fonts are not loading properly. I can look at the profile and see that several of the top time consumers are related to fontawesome.

    I’m not using anything from there specifically, but I imagine it’s part of the alora theme. Can anyone provide help or direction on how to track this down? I’m not an web site developer, but trying to limp through this as best as I can.

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  • Denzel Chia
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    I do not know how you customize that page.
    You have a few fontawesome webfont and it’s css URL with wrong structure, causing 404 not found error.
    The 2 fontawesome url which is created by Alora theme is loading correctly, which shows you status -> 200 ok.

    You can disable plugins to see if any of them is loading fontawesome webfont.

    Thank you.

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