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    Hi Folks,

    I use the polylang plugin in my Evolve theme. Although I’m very satisfied from it, however it can’t translate the contain of the parallax slider.

    As I read in their support forum, it is needed to create new strings and a wpml-config.xml file which I have to put inside the theme or plugin.

    Please help me in this issue because it is very important for my work.

    I think in the same way could be transated also the bootstrap slider.

    Thanks in advance


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  • Imran
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    Hi Georgios,

    Thanks for writing in,

    Regretfully, translating the Parallax Slider is not possible due the reason that its content is not stored into translatable theme string. Same thing applies on the Bootstrap Slider.


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    hey georgios,hey imran,

    i am using also evolve plus and using polylang as well and need now translations in three languages,
    but i cannot translate the homepage content – i filled the homepage content with the theme options.

    is this possible? did you translated the homepage into another language?
    thank you for an answer.

    Georgios Papageorgopoulos
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    Hi Imran and thanks for your reply

    The translation of the sliders is a major issue in modern sites. I thing you have to create a translatable slider. At the moment if I find one transatable slider will you help me to adjust it in evolve theme?

    Thanks again

    To Andrea Blanck: The polylang works fine to any page you assign it to. Make sure you assign as a home page a page witch has been already translated. See the home page url. Does it have the language sign like en, it, etc

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    thank you, georgios.

    Denzel Chia
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    Please use the layerslider plugin that comes with the theme.
    You can create different set of slides in different language, there is no need for translation.
    You just enter your text.
    Please see screenshot. http://prntscr.com/7wbpvx

    Our theme does not come with wpml-config.xml
    If you need it, you can contact us for a quote via our service page.


    Georgios Papageorgopoulos
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    Hi folks,

    Finally I have the solution for Parallax Slider Translation

    1. Go to the root of the site
    2. Find the directory wp-content
    3. Create in wp-content directory the sub-directory polylang- (if there isn’t any)
    4. Inside the sub-directory polylang create the following wpml-config.xml file
    5. Paste in wpml-config.xml file the following text*
    5. That’s it. Then you go to the polylang strings place and you see the new strings of the parallax slider waiting to be translated! It works!!!

    *The text you should paste in the wpml-config.xml file

    <key name=”evolve-theme”>
    <key name=”evl_slide1_title” />
    <key name=”evl_slide1_desc” />
    <key name=”evl_slide1_button” />
    <key name=”evl_slide2_title” />
    <key name=”evl_slide2_desc” />
    <key name=”evl_slide2_button” />
    <key name=”evl_slide3_title” />
    <key name=”evl_slide3_desc” />
    <key name=”evl_slide3_button” />
    <key name=”evl_slide4_title” />
    <key name=”evl_slide4_desc” />
    <key name=”evl_slide4_button” />
    <key name=”evl_slide5_title” />
    <key name=”evl_slide5_desc” />
    <key name=”evl_slide5_button” />

    For the above credits to Chrystl in Polylang support forum.

    The key name for the parallax slider I found here in this forum.

    Please, create a also this wpml-config file for the bootstrap slider and include it as an option in your next update. It is a very useful addon. Make the evolve theme even better!

    Thanks folks for your support!

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