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    Sarah Cole


    I was wondering if there’s any way to sort portfolio pages by a method other than date? By title or randomly, for example.

    My portfolio is also a bit hotchpotch as the featured images are all different dimensions. This means the row heights are variable and the title text isn’t always visible on mouseover where the image is thin. Any suggestions to fix this (other than manually modifying all the featured images to be the same dimensions with white space) would be much appreciated.

    The site isn’t live at the moment, but there’s a screenshot here: http://picpaste.com/d81770e095de1460cc90ffea81ce71b5.png
    (obscured title text on left side.)


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  • Denzel Chia
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    The following is the images sizes used in the Theme.

    Notice the last variable is true for all portfolio images.
    This means all images are cropped.
    All you need is to upload an image larger than 660 x 405

    As for the portfolio loop, the query is in it’s own portfolio template.
    For example portfolio-four-column.php

    You can add any available arguments to it.

    Please try them out, we do not provide customization support, other than custom css.

    Thank you.

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