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    Nathalie B

    Now I installed evolve+ on my test blog, so I am sure to not break my blog while testing the theme.
    I imported the demo data
    Than the post/page editor disappeared.

    I use Black Studio TinyMCE Widget, but even the text editor does not show up.

    Does this only occurs after demo import?
    How can I delete the demo data, to get my editor back? I deactivated/activated the editor plugin, but always nothing.

    Another thing, do you know that after theme activation, and even after live preview of the evolve+ theme, *ALL* installed plugins are deactivated by default? It happened to me twice, after a live preview on my “real” blog and than when I activated the theme on my test blog, same event. Bulk-reactivation is fast, but some plugins lose their settings!

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  • Nathalie B
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    I tried a lot of things to get my editor back, delete evolve, delet editor, reinstallation editor, … passed truly a lot of time on this issue, nothing worked
    Finally I deactivated Redux Framework and surprise: post editor is back!
    Do I really need this plugin? Because the ability to create or edit posts seems more interesting

    Denzel Chia
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    Yes, Redux Framework is a required plugin. It’s the framework that runs the Evolve Plus Theme Options. Nothing to do with post editor.

    Please kindly post your Evolve Theme question in the Evolve Theme Forum. https://theme4press.com/support/forum/evolve/


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