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    I just did the update and you changed my HOME page!!
    Why would you even provide an update like this – that added your company’s advertising on my home page?

    You added default content I did not even want!! There are now 6 rectangular boxes, the width of the screen, below my 4 Content Boxes. They say:

    – Why people love our themes
    – Latest News from the Blog
    – Our Contact Place
    – Oops! Something went wrong.
    This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.
    – How many people love our themes
    – Your Custom Content Here
    [text el_title=”” text_margin_top=”0″ text_margin_left=”” text_margin_bottom=”0″ text_margin_right=”” enable_dropcap=”no” animation_type=”0″ class=”” id=”” disabled_el=”no” ][/text]

    I see a new section in your menu under “General & Layout Settings” with items titled: Testimonials, Blog Posts, Google Map, Content Boxes, Counter Circles, and Custom Content that I assume corresponds to this new crap you put on my home page without me opting in for it.

    I dragged those 6 boxed from Enabled to Disabled and clicked on Save but they are still there — looking as stupid and unprofessional as they did right after the upgrade!!

    Now how do I remove them????

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  • Chuck-Bruce
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    I finally figured out where all the extra stuff was that your update threw onto my home page and managed to remove it all. Thanks for forcing that on us!!

    Is there any documentation anywhere that explains all these new features in this upgrade or are we on our own to test them all out?

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    Disable new homepage element with below theme options.
    Theme Options -> Custom home/front page builder -> General & Layout Settings -> Content Area ( Disble unwanted element )

    We apologize for your trouble, our team is working on this problem. We hope that we will reconcile this problem in a timely manner.

    Again thanks for your passion.

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