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    Sharyn Mayne

    Dear Theme4Press

    I purchased the Evolve+ theme because I thought it would have everything I need to create a great website / blog – and I was right. It does. You have all done a fantastic job with creating this theme and I am very happy to have it – and even more excited to see what I can do with it.

    However, as I am a newbie to both WordPress and using one of your themes, I notice that the support you offer assumes existing intermediate to advanced experience in either using WordPress or experience with CSS or HTML and websites.

    I understand that the people who use your themes are most likely experienced web designers but when offering themes for general purchase, one needs to offer appropriate training materials.

    I have read the docs, knowledge base and Forum posts and nowhere on your site have I come across resources that are devoted to people with no WordPress, web development or web programming experience.

    To illustrate my point, here are a list of questions that have no answer in any support area I have seen and which I need to have answered before I can finish my site:
    • What is a sticky header and what does it do?
    • What is a header or footer widget and what do they do?
    • What does it mean by footer responsiveness style?
    • What is a blog tagline and what does it do?
    • What is a bootstrap slider and what does it do?
    • What is a parallax slider and what does it do?
    • What is a posts slider and what does it do?
    • What is a lightbox and what does it do?
    • What is a theme4press slider and what does it do?

    I have gained a bit of basic knowledge of using WordPress by doing courses on Lynda.com, Udemy.com and WordPress.org. I can now navigate the basics of creating a post, page, menu. I even have an overall idea of how to create a wordpress site, where to go to get plugins (and their purpose), and a general idea of how to secure my site.

    But the kinds of things I need from Theme4Press are based on using the theme (evolve+) and I would rather not spend 2 months searching existing documentation just to find nothing I need or can understand. I understand that some of the things I suggest below can be seen on the demo page. However, all I can see the examples – no name of what the item is or where it is located in the backend and how it works. This is not enough of an explanation for newbies.

    There needs to be a real explanation as per these suggestions:
    Here is what I think would help people who are new to using your themes:

    1. A video or wireframe document or flash page or website with linkable PDF that shows a map of each type of page e.g. Blog, ecommerce, elements, flexslider, full width, audio&Video, images & Slideshows, Contact for example. On each of these pages, should be boxes that show the different features of the theme and where things can go. Also, what they are called along with a link to where you can change that item in the dashboard. This would definately help a newbie.

    2. A Notification on the theme download page saying “suggestion…. Download, install and use W3 cache – and here are step-by-step instructions on which settings to change in the cache plugin in order to get the most speed when using our themes”

    3. List some of the more obsure theme options and what they do e.g. BBPRESS – What is it? What does that do?

    4. An Overview document with a flowchart that outlines the process to follow when creating a certain type of page. E.g. I want a page with pictures. Question: Do you want pictures in boxes or take up full screen? Answer: Full screen. Recommendation: Make a …. Page and inserts a …. Shortcode.

    5. Explain the purpose of some of the shortcodes. E.g. What is an Accordion? It does not explain on the Appearance page for Accordion what it does or what it will look like.

    I hope you don’t mind me providing these suggestions but as an IT Trainer, I could not let this opportunity for constructive feedback pass by.

    (BTW, If anyone has any answers to my questions, I would love to hear from you)

    Thank you

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  • Denzel Chia
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    I have just got news, that we will be updating our documentations soon.
    Documentations are for explanation on how to use our products only, we do not cover basic WordPress usage or technical terms.

    You can use google to search for information on technical terms, such as what is a WordPress blog tagline, header, footer …etc


    Kathie McLaughlin
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    This is FANTASTIC news! Will you email you customers when the new documentation is available?

    Scott Lemon
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    Related to this thread … where can I find the source code for the demo home page in Evolve+?

    I’ve got everything installed, and when I hit my site I get a demo home page … but I can not find any way to edit it, and I can not find anyplace to see the source code/page content that was used to set-up this home page.

    It would be REALLY nice if you gave us an example – doc or actual page – of how you designed the demo home page?

    Denzel Chia
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    #22499 |


    You can go to WordPress admin -> Appearance -> Theme Options -> General -> Import Demo Content.

    Then you can edit the homepage and look at the shortcodes in the content editor as well the page option, slider option …. etc setup.


    Scott Lemon
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    #22533 |

    Thanks … I was actually able to look through the Theme Options settings and figure out how the default page has been created!

    Nice theme!

    Marjolein Jonker
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    Yes! Sharyn, you wrote exactly what I was thinking! I really need some kind of ‘Evolve for dummies’ guide! Although I am no dummie, I have little wordpress or webdeveloper experience and most of the offered guidance seems gibberish to me. Getting really frustrated that everything takes me hours to figure out, and some things I can’t figure out at all. Please Theme4press, help us out here! Thanks! Marjolein

    Fanita Repanic
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    Dear coustemer support!
    Your code has helped me last time, and I got what I wanted. Now would you please for another favor, but do not promise that this will be the last.This is my first experience in the development of WP themes. I bought your theme because it seemed to have everything I need. But obviously I have no knowledge, and beg for your help!

    Tagline box:
    I want to change the font size of the title in tagline box
    I want to position the button below right

    As you can see on my site I put Portfolio widget in footer pages, whether it be replaced with a gallery of images that look just like this.

    This is my page but do not laugh a lot, that’s all still in the making. I have to admit it’s not working easily.

    O nama

    Best regards and thanks

    Fanita Repanic
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    #24038 |

    My web my web

    Thanks a lot

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    #24049 |

    Hi Fanita,

    Thanks for writing in!

    Please open a new thread with your question. We’ll gladly assist you on the other post as its against the rules of forum, to post on others topic:


    Thank you!

    Kevin Gudmundsen
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    #28862 |

    I am SO with you on this. I consider myself fairly tech savvy and am learning wp ins-n-outs but when i have a question about something i want to change that is pretty basic to most experts it is really hard to get a straight simple answer (let alone find it in the sea of info in the forum.)
    so maybe a glossary, a list of important terms and then maybe some specifics – even a most frequently asked questions by newbies” might be helpful.
    It is a great theme and what wold put it over the top is a first class support for users of all levels.

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