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    steven wilson

    tested in chrome and safari on ipad. I saw another post about this in this forum.

    ipad landscape: site looks great. content area and widgets area are as expected.
    ipad portrait: the three-line menu button appears as a small grey rectangle with no label.
    iphone both views: fine.

    I know how to specifically target responsive screen sizes but this seems to be a bug.

    I tried to add a screen grab but I just see an tag. Do I need to host my own images to post a screen grab?

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  • Alok Maheshwari
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    You should be able to use any of the free image hosting provider ( like http://imgur.com/) to host the image.

    I can provide some suggestions once I have seen the screenshot.

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    This issue doesn’t seem to be fixed. The same thing happens to me, with the Evolve theme, on an iPad portrait, the menu icon does not appear.

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    it seems like ipad doesn’t support displaying fontawesome icons? 🙁 can you see other icons?

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