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    Terri Bly

    Hello! About an hour into working with a slide in Revolution Slider (evolve), the text feature basically broke. I didn’t change any code, made no other changes to the website.

    It’s been working fine for days. But now, when I select a different font size and style from the “Style” drop-down, while I can see the new style in the “edit” version of the slide, once I updated slide and preview,, all I see is a very small basic font. And it is also what I get what I preview the home page on the website as well. Can you help me, please? I have been using it successfully up til now….

    Also, I’m using Desktop Server, so I am not able to include a link, but I could send a screen shot if that’s helpful.

    Thanks for your assistance!

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    sorry but only live demo would be helpful….from a screenshot I cannot provide any help.

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