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    Pako Moritz
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    Hi, i set the option show similar posts in settings to On: Same kategory, but its showing nothing. What have i to do, to see similar post options in a post?

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  • Denzel Chia
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    It’s a bug with the theme.

    Open up evolve-plus/library/functions/basic-functions.php go to line 423 and find the following line of codes.

    $evolve_similar_posts = get_option('evl_similar_posts','disable'); if ($evolve_similar_posts == "category") {

    Change to the following line of codes.

    $evolve_similar_posts = evolve_get_option('evl_similar_posts','disable'); if ($evolve_similar_posts == "category") {

    The function name used is wrong, it should be evolve_get_option and not get_option.


    Pako Moritz
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    Ah i see, is fixed now and working. Thank you.

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