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    Wagner Tibirica


    I am encountering a problem I can not solve, is as follows:

    To create a page and determine that the sidebar is left to add a category to post the menu to be selected this category, the site opens the page with right sidebar and I need the page to continue displaying the left sidebar.

    By doing father and keep the navigation bar on the left page to select the page the site continues displaying the left sidebar (the way I need to) but if I put a post category reopens with right sidebar (which I do not want)

    If anyone can help me with this issue I am very grateful, because I’ve tried every way that as far as I know allows.

    Below I’m going through the example of the website with the urls:

    This is the home page:


    This is the page (wtibira gallery) with the left sidebar, as I need:


    By clicking on the first link opens the page and sidebar remains on the left (like I need) getting like this: (note that this is a page link)


    By clicking on the second link (note that this is a category link posts) the page is opened but it opens another sidebar that I have and that is the right (are different themes, so I need to open the bars within the same subject and not as is happening, you understand me?)


    I do not understand if this is a configuration problem or if the subject is so even that works.

    I appreciate any help !!!


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  • Denzel Chia
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    Try Theme Options -> Extra -> Miscellaneous Options -> Default Sidebar Position
    Set this to left.


    Wagner Tibirica
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