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    sorry if I do trivial questions but I would like to know how to make sure that the image you use in the post is dimensioned as I want and is not so great.
    And same thing for the post sliders. The image is grainy because more and much larger than the original.
    Sorry again the banality of the question, but with other issues was easier.

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  • Denzel Chia
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    All the image size in the theme is as follows.

    For example, the image size for blog full width is cropped at 669 by 272
    As for the slider, you can upload an image with 1200px width.

    Thank you.

    Francesco Prudenzano
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    Thanks for the answer but maybe I did not explain well.
    I need directions for how to change the size of images in sliders of post and similar cases. The list sent to me how can I use it?

    Denzel Chia
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    You need to modify the above image size and css of the relevant layout.
    We do not provide this type of customization support.
    Please hire a developer from http://jobs.wordpress.net/ to assist in your customization.

    We can only provide simple customization that can be done using custom css and does not require theme code modification and major layout modifications.

    Thank you.

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