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    Christi Carlson

    I know the subscribe widget is from Jetpack but I think it is the theme that is taking over. On my subscribe widget you cannot see when you are typing your email address in because the writing is white. Is there any way to change this in code for the writing on that part to be black?


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  • Roman
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    insert this in the Custom CSS section:

    input[type="text"],input[type="textarea"],input[type="email"] {color:#333;}

    Christi Carlson
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    This is still not working. People think they can’t subscribe because they can’t see what they are typing. The only way to see is to highlight it.

    Alok Maheshwari
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    The color code is missing a 0 (only 5 zeros instead of 6). Try with 6 zeros or just color:black and see if it works.

    input[type="text"],input[type="textarea"],input[type="email"] {color:#00000;}

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