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    You guys just resolved an issue I had with UberMenu… Thanks 🙂

    Now that the above part is working (the white box gone), I’ve now realized I can’t optimize the placement of the UberMenu. It takes up another 1/4-1/2″ of space, which is a lot, on a mobile device.

    This occurs when:
    1.) Reducing the width of the browser to trigger the responsive fold

    There is a point where the Responsive Menu (“three lines” Menu) stays on one row/line with the logo.
    However, compressing the width a little more drops the Responsive Menu to another line… even though there is plenty of space for the logo, tag line, and menu to all reside on one row.

    Prior to asking in the forum…
    I’ve tried to find a method within the theme GUI to change the placement… can’t find anything.

    Any thoughts/suggestions?


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    probably you are looking for this Custom CSS:

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