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    Lisa Lee

    My Web site: http://www.GotGenealogy.com … I’ve tried EVERYTHING, but I cannot get a Youtube video to embed in my Parallax Slider. I want to use just the one slide for now, then turn the others back on in a few days. I need this video to be above the fold, but presently, it’s only showing up in my latest post, below the fold.

    Here’s the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBngleoAAj0

    I’m running WP 3.9.1, and EvoLve v. 1.0.0 I’m terribly afraid to update EvoLve right now because that always breaks something. I’ve had my hosting service, Netsol, increase the maximum memory on their server to the highest setting …


    – Lisa

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  • Roman
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    sorry, but Parallax slider doesn’t support inserting videos, you could try the Revolution Slider or Layer slider for videos

    Lisa Lee
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    Thank you.

    Lisa Lee
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    When I attempt to activate the Revolution Slider, this is the error I get. Since I’m hosting my site on Network Solutions, how can I over come this? Thanks.

    500: Internal server error

    This error is generated when a script running on the server could not be implemented or permissions are incorrectly assigned for files or directories

    Troubleshooting suggestions:

    Temporarily disable any rewrite rules by renaming your .htaccess file if it exists.

    Ensure that any CGI or Perl scripts have at least .755. permissions.

    If trying to run PHP and you get this error, you may have an invalid php.ini in your /cgi-bin, or may be missing your php.dat file in this folder.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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