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    Harald Röh

    Widget display in alora per default shows no backgroundcolor and border.
    Bullets are shown aligned with the title of the widget, which is correct.

    When I add a border (using CSS) the widget still is displayed correctly, only title and bullet immediatelly start at the left border with no seperating spacing (padding is 0 per default).

    When I add padding (using CSS) to the widget display, title and text of list items move according to the added left padding to the right.
    However the bullets do not move in spite of the padding, they remain at the left border inside (!) the padding space.

    Any chance to fix the position of the bullets? It just looks akward!

    Kind regards

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  • Denzel Chia
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    You can try to use relative position to shift your bullets.

    If you require my help. Please provide url to your issue.
    I will see if I can provide you with a solution.


    Harald Röh
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    Hi Denzel,

    you can close this entry as solved, because we handled this issue in the topic
    “unordered list does not work in post / page”, where you provided the necessary CSS code.


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