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    WordPress 4.4.2 running evolve Plus theme.
    Active Plugins: Redux Framework Version 3.5.9, Theme4Press Core Version 1.3.3

    Documentation does not work for me. When I try the following documents I don’t get what they show.

    Creating New Pages

    The Editor is used for your actual content (text, photos, video, etc.). Use either the Visual or Text (HTML) tabs to add content. Along with text and other forms of content, Shortcodes can be used to add additional functionality to the page.


    You can access the shortcodes via an icon on the Visual Editor.

    I don’t get the “Visual Editor” that is shown in these documents. I get a different looking editor that is not Visual and has a lot less function icons. It looks like this one that I am using to post this message.

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  • Denzel Chia
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    Login to your WordPress admin.
    Go to Users -> Your Profile
    Find the setting -> Visual Editor
    It should be left unchecked.

    Thank you

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