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    Alison Byford

    Hello, we are running Evolve Plus, however on our basket page the ‘Update Basket’ and ‘Proceed to Checkout’ buttons aren’t working, they do however work on our test site when using the free version of Evolve. Also, on our Subscribe page, the gift subscription option isn’t populating properly, the woocommerce settings have been checked and are configured propery, but nothing appears in the dropdown for this option. We are running the latest version of Evolve and also the latest version of WooCommerce, our website address is http://www.guineapigmagazine.com. Could you please advise? Thanks.

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  • Alison Byford
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    Update: I’ve reverted to the free version of Evolve as we don’t have the same issues. Could you let me know whether you will be releasing an update to Evolve Plus which fixes these issues? Otherwise I will need to request a refund. I would obviously prefer to use the Plus version though as it gives access to all of the theme features and options, but unfortunately it doesn’t currently seem as robust as the free version.

    Denzel Chia
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    Yes, you are correct. I am running Evolve 2.6.6 with WordPress 4.5.2 and reduxframework and woocommerce 2.6.1

    The update cart button and proceed to checkout button does not work on shopping cart page.

    I am attaching screen-cast of my test.

    It probably has to do with changes in woocommerce template.
    I will report this issue to our developers now.

    Please wait for fix in theme update.

    Thank you.

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